Alan Carr says comedy stopped him from having ‘breakdown’ amid marriage ending and beloved dog dying

Alan Carr says his comedy stopped him from having a breakdown as he faced his marriage ending and his dog becoming ill (Picture: @pauldrayton1/REX )

says his comedyas he faced huge uncertainty in his life.

Chatty Man Alan faced an extremely difficult year as his marriage came to an end and his beloved dog died.

The 46-year-old comedian announced in early 2022 that he and his husband Paul Drayton were separating, which understandably left both of them devastated.

They had been married for three years but were together for a total of 13 years.

Now Alan has opened up about how he got through this difficult period which also saw , a few short months after the separation.

He told the that everything at home was ‘changing,’ describing his marriage breaking up ‘the tectonic plates of my relationship were shifting.’

‘Then Bev was slowly fading,’ he added, remembering his elderly dog.

Red Setter Bev died in May, with both Alan and Paul publicly grieving their pet (Picture: Instagram/@pauldrayton1)

Comedy helped him through the darkest moments, but Alan admitted there were times he felt he ‘couldn’t go on’ stage.

But, he said, there was always ‘an extra cheer’ from the audience, which the comedian says he ‘needed’.

Alan insisted that he ‘didn’t have a breakdown’ – but likely only because he had comedy as an outlet.

‘Comedy probably stopped me having a breakdown,’ he said.

Alan and Paul announced their separation in January (Picture: Shutterstock)

Alan had previously called comedy his ‘therapy’ after his split from Paul, telling Lorraine Kelly: ‘I wrote the tour and then our marriage broke down during Covid, because it was so stressful and everything.

‘It’s quite emotional, uplifting and it was actually my therapy really.’

In the same conversation with the Daily Mail, Alan revealed Paul has taken the dogs as the comedian is away from home so often.

And Alan says he prefers to work constantly rather than return to an empty house.

He said: ‘People have said to me, “Alan, you’ve got to go home at some point.”

The star previously referred to omedyas his ‘therapy’ (Picture: Getty Images)

‘But Paul’s not here, the dogs aren’t here, so I know I’m coming home to an empty house.’

He admitted that whenever he does go home, he feels ‘lonely.’

Following the couple’s split, Alan has since, and joked about wanting a revenge body.

Speaking to fitness guru guest Joe Wicks on , Alan quipped: ‘I have just gone through a divorce so I told the trainer I want a revenge body.

‘But I think he thought I said I wanted a blancmange body.’


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