Antiques Roadshow viewers stunned by £20,000 ‘evil-looking’ effigy: ‘A horror of a doll’

The effigy was branded ‘evil-looking’ (Picture: BBC)

viewers were after a ‘creepy’ effigy was valued at between £10,000 and £20,000.

‘I think this is the most interesting and most unusual doll that I’ve seen on my 36 years on the Roadshow,’ expert Bunny Campione began, as the camera panned over a doll-like model with glass-eyes.

‘But it’s not a doll,’ she continued, explaining that ‘the form of body’ showed it to be an effigy.

‘My mother bought it from an auction house in the early 70s,’ the guest explained, adding that she thought the model was ‘beautiful.’

‘I’ve always loved him, I think he’s beautiful, I think he’s smiling,’ she continued.

‘Serene,’ Bunny added.

‘I believe it’s a funeral effigy of the three-year-old son that died of the Duke of Buckingham, and he was the first Marquis of Normandy, and he died in 1715,’ Bunny explained.

Expert Bunny Campione valued the effigy at between £10,000 and £20,000 (Picture: BBC)

‘In those days the monarchy and aristocracy would make wooden and wax effigies to put on a funeral casket, it was a belief that they could be in touch with their ancestors through these effigies.

‘They would wear the most elaborate clothes, with a fantastic hat, and a real wig, which is correct, and lovely little lace and a linen shirt, with a wonderful undercoat.’

The glass-eyed doll had been bought in the 70s for a ‘large stretch’ of money, believed to be ‘in the hundreds’.

‘Creepy!’ (Picture: BBC)

‘I think we should put something like 10 to 20,000 on it,’ Bunny corrected, adding: ‘If it was a doll it would be quite different, but it’s historical!’

Those at home were distracted from the value by how ‘evil’ the effigy looked however.

‘Creepy as f**k,’ one person wrote, while another penned: ‘That’s f**king terrifying.’

Someone else commented: ‘Absolute f**king horror of a doll on Antiques Roadshow right now.’

Another viewer joked: ‘”How did you acquire it?”

‘”It followed me home one day.”‘

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBCiPlayer.


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