Ex-BBC presenter Jan Leeming left with ‘six-inch gash’ on arm after cashpoint attack

Jan Leeming recalled a horrible attack while in France (Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for hayu)

Jan Leeming was left with a ‘six-inch gash’ on her arm after she was ‘tackled to the ground’ at a cashpoint in France.

The 80-year-old presenter recalled the horrific attack, which happened in a sleepy village in Provence, but thankfully insisted she’s ‘absolutely fine’ now, and the would-be thieves failed to make off with any valuables.

Still, Jan who is best known for her long stint as a BBC newsreader in the 1980s, was left with a nasty wound on her arm as well as bruises following the violent ordeal.

She tweeted: ‘Horrid experience. Attacked close to ATM friends were using. Youngish man seemed pleasant held out hand – like a first rate idiot being courteous I took it. Rugby tackled to ground. Bag was over my arm- he didn’t get it. Got six inch gash on arm back of hand black and blue.’

Responding to people’s comments, she said: ‘Only grateful he didn’t get bag with my cards and phone. MacBook isn’t working here so phone only means to be contacted if flight is changed. Nasty feeling I will have a scar. Very deep graze. Yes very shaken but undeterred.’

The former I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! star went on to reassure her followers that the attackers did not take anything valuable and while the whole ordeal was horrible, she is now ‘absolutely fine.’

Jan, pictured here in 2015, insisted she was fine (Picture: Mike Lawn/Shutterstock)

She enthused on Sunday: ‘Hallo lovely people. Please don’t worry. I’m absolutely fine – not traumatised one little bit. Just sore with a few bruises and a massive dressing on my arm. Thank you all so much for your warmth and good wishes💖😘’

Jan added: ‘Bag was over my arm. He didn’t get it. It was horrid but well orchestrated with a getaway car. My head was very close to an oncoming car. Please don’t worry…Thank you all so much for your warmth and good wishes.’

The veteran broadcaster was inundated with messages of support on her social media but later explained that there is unlikely to be any legal action because she could not make out who the attacker was because he was wearing a mask.

While Jan said she was fine, she went on to add the incident ‘brought back memories of mugging at BBC in 1987’ and that she hoped her wound would heal, stating it was ‘long and deep’, but that after going to the pharmacy she was able to get it sprayed and dressed, writing: ‘Arm is in a mess so long as it doesn’t go septic I will cope 😘.’

When asked whether the police were on the hunt for the attacker, Jan said while it was reported to the local police, she was now back in the UK.

She said: ‘Hell will freeze before Gendarmes could catch him. Like UK they have too much to do and reams of paperwork. I wasn’t Ki**ed😀and thank God he got nothing. It was a well organised and orchestrated attack with mate driving getaway car. Never again accept handshake from a stranger😡.’


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