I’m A Celebrity star Charlene White’s family break silence over ‘rule-breaking’ accusations after RV drama

Charlene prefers to sleep out in the wild (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

star ’s family have responded to accusations she has broken the rules by refusing to sleep in the RV.

The Loose Women panelist was awarded the luxury when she became camp leader ’s deputy earlier this week.

The pair also had to dish out chores to their fellow celebrities, including and , but are exempt from helping out at all.

But the journalist so far has opted to continue catching Zs in the hammock, rather than tucking into bed next to the disgraced politician.

The decision hasfrom fans of the ITV juggernaut series, who have claimed the broadcaster has ‘broken the rules.’

One said: ‘Why has Charlene not been punished for not sleeping in the RV? She breaking the rules?? Or is it one rule for one and different for the rest.’

Even the reality series’ hosts and clarified that Charlene hasn’t broken jungle law, saying that she wasn’t obliged to sleep in the comfier surroundings.

Charlene and Hancock were offered the RV (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

They wrote on Twitter: ‘The rules said that only the leader and deputy are allowed to stay in the RV, it didn’t state they HAD to… #ImACeleb.’

Now, Charlene’s family and friends, who are manning her Twitter account while she is Down Under, have broken their silence about the debacle.

Charlene’s family reckon the hammock is comfier (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

On the broadcaster’s account, they tweeted: ‘I defo think @_OwenWarner should scoop Charlene up and put her in the hammock #ImACeleb.

A follower replied: ‘Or sleep in the RV.’

Hancock and Charlene dished out the chores (Credits: ITV/Shutterstock)

Her loved ones shot back: ‘Hammock looks way more comfy tbf, Char should be slumming it, not laying in comfort.’

Charlene’s Loose Women co-star on Twitter, writing: ‘Why should she share a room with Matt Hancock. Her aunt died without her whilst he broke his own rules!!’

Meanwhile, broadcaster and writer that Charlene’s ‘rule-breaking’ is nothing compared to Hancock, who broke his own social-distancing guidelines in the pandemic.

She wrote: ‘As someone who can’t even bring herself to call Matt Hancock ‘Matt’ due to fear of sounding over-familiar, I wouldn’t blame Charlene if she didn’t want to share her personal space with the man with whom we all share a very personal and muddy history.’

Nicola continued: ‘The campmates should be going easier on Charlene – she volunteered to spend the night in a hammock after all. And as far as complaints about her ‘rule-breaking’ go – have they met Matt Hancock?

‘The Matt Hancock who set the rules for an entire nation to follow, then broke them in order to have a workplace affair with the woman he had hired as an advisor?’

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.


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