Lord Alan Sugar trolled by Apprentice viewers after mocking Arsenal team’s new pink kit: ‘This you pal?’

Lord Alan Sugar made a bizarre comment about Arsenal’s new pink kit (Picture: Getty / BBC)

Fans of the Apprentice made sure to troll Lord after he made a bizarre comment on ’s pink kit.

The businessman settled in to watch the Gunners take on at Selhurst Park , but couldn’t get past the colour of the away kit that Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka and co donned for the game.

The north players stepped foot on the pitch in their light pink strip, looking very snazzy if we say so ourselves.

But it turns out that the 75-year-old wasn’t a fan, and questioned why pink had been chosen for the kits.

Yes, seriously.

‘Pink shirts ! I wonder if @IanWright0 would have played in a pink shirt,’ he tweeted.

Ian – over his comments regarding the women’s Euro’s 2022 commentary – has yet to reply.

However, the post caught the eye of many others who were quick to remind the BBC star of the time he dared to wear a pink shirt while on the Apprentice.

‘This you pal?,’ one questioned, alongside a screenshot of him in the boardroom.

‘Pink shirts! I wonder if old Alan would have apprenticed in a pink shirt,’ another joked.

A follower shared: ‘And what’s wrong with pink shirts?’

‘What’s wrong with pink?’ a Twitter user wrote – alongside a photo of Ian in a – frankly incredible – bright patterned top. 

When a journalist replied with the same picture, Lord Sugar quote tweeted their response and fumed: ‘Idiot a pink shirt to wear with suit is perfectly fine. 

‘But a football Jersey  …. come off it.’

Arsenal managed to beat Crystal Palace and nab all three points, proving that the pink kits didn’t somehow hamper their ability to play football.

Maybe all clubs should go down a similar route?

Arsenal somehow managed to win the game despite winning a pink kit… (Picture: Getty)

Lord Sugar’s tweet comes after he previously made headlines during the recent Women’s Euro 2022 tournament, whinging about all-female commentary teams.

‘I am watching the women football and notice that ALL the commentators are women,’ he said at the time.

‘I also note when men’s football is on there is a symbolic female commentator to cover the broadcasters arse.

‘Should I complain there should me a male commentator in women’s football.’

Ian Wright recently spoke out over Alan Sugar’s comments online (Picture: Getty)

Despite the post not entirely being accurate, he then claimed that he had made an impact on the commentating decisions when Ian Wright appeared on the team for England’s game against Norway.

‘I was pleased to see my old mate Ian Wright was given the opportunity to commentate on the ladies game last night,’ he later posted.

‘I wonder if my earlier tweet below touched a nerve. Of course BBC sport will say not at all, Ian was already lined up for it @IanWright0.’

Having precisely none of it, the former England ace said in a video: ‘Alan, the thing is, my friend, rather than just say: “I got it wrong, lots of men are working at all levels of the tournament,” you double downed on some complete f**king foolishness.

‘In your mind, you actually thought that after you sent that tweet, the BBC phoned me up. Never mind the fact that we’ve been ready to do this for a year, I’ve been booked for a year.

‘You genuinely think that they called me up and said, “Ian, you’ve got to get back from Germany ASAP, Alan Sugar’s tweeted and we can’t upset him, we need to get you on!”

‘You genuinely believe that happened? I need to know! Because that says to me your ego is totally out of control.

‘Where’s the people around you to hug you bro? You need some hugs man. Coming on Twitter for attention like this, it’s laughable. Stop doing it to yourself.’

‘In all seriousness, I’m glad you’re watching and the only thing you can find fault with doesn’t even exist,’ he added. ‘I hope you enjoy the rest of the tournament. Can you please tweet again so I can work Friday? Please? God bless.’


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