Sanditon’s Rose Williams and Ben Lloyd-Hughes reveal scenes they’re most excited for fans to see – and one’s in episode 3

Viewers will be treated to actress Rose’s favourite scene this coming Friday (Picture: Red Planet/Joss Barratt/ITV)

*Mild spoilers for Sanditon season 2 episode three below*

Lead actress Rose Williams and Sanditon newcomer Ben Lloyd-Hughes have shared their favourite scenes in the new season, with Rose’s coming up during this week’s episode.

The pair, who play central character Charlotte Heywood and Alexander Colbourne, new to the -inspired show for this season and , reflected on filming the series before sharing the scenes they were each most excited for fans to see.

So far, Charlotte has been shown having a bit of a tricky time getting to grips as the governess for Colbourne’s tomboy daughter Leonora (Flora Mitchell) and prickly niece, Augusta (Eloise Webb).

After disaster was averted following Augusta tricking Charlotte into playing the locked spinet to rile her uncle, which led to an argument between Charlotte and Colbourne, she has managed to hold onto her job.

The same job in which Colbourne bet his housekeeper Charlotte wouldn’t last a week.

Charlotte is determined to put the argument with Colbourne behind her as she continues in the role of governess to his girls (Picture: Red Planet/Joss Barratt/ITV)
Eloise Webb as Augusta, Flora Mitchell as Leo and Rose Williams as Charlotte go for a picnic (Picture: Red Planet/Joss Barratt/ITV)

However, speaking to and other press, Rose teased a change in their relationship that takes place during a pivotal episode three scene.

‘I really like our picnic, so the last third of episode three, I would say [is my favourite]. It was so picturesque and it’s a very sweet, kind of beginning of a softening between Charlotte and Colbourne.

‘There’s a dearness to the girls [Augusta and Leonora]. It was just really beautiful I think, that scene.’

We love a hand brushing in period dramas (Picture: Red Planet/Joss Barratt/ITV)
Rose said that Colbourne ‘softens’ towards Charlotte in the upcoming episode (Picture: Red Planet/Joss Barratt/ITV)

Although agreeing with his co-star on how lovely the picnic scene is, Ben is most looking forward to fans seeing a scene which comes a little later in the season, during episode five, and also marks a change in attitudes between characters.

‘I love the dance as well, episode five’s ball. The dance is a combination of a lot of things, a lot of characters coming together, a lot of storylines kind of combining and crossing over.

‘As ever, because it’s a physical manifestation of it, it feels even more dramatic and romantic and tangible in a way than sometimes just characters talking – it can kind of take it even further.’

Ben’s scene pick is a ball coming up in episode five (Picture: Red Planet/Joss Barratt/ITV)

A pivotal and dramatic ball scene? Sanditon really does know how to treat its fans.

The new season has introduced several new characters to the seaside town, including , who is taken by dashing army officer Captain William Carter (Maxim Ays), and Colonel Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones), who seems to have a fondness for Charlotte.

Episode two also revealed the dramatic return of one Clara Brereton (Lily Sacofsky), who is pregnant with what she claims is cad Sir Edward Denham’s (Jack Fox) baby.

Sanditon season two continues at 9pm on Friday on ITV and is also available to stream in full on BritBox in the UK.


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