There’s an actual burger restaurant in honour of Donald Trump – and the buns are branded with former President’s name

Would you be eating there? (Picture: Getty Images/Google)

Just in case you had plans to open a burger restaurant in honour of , sadly, someone beat you to it.

Yes, Trump Burger is a real thing and it’s actually very popular.

The diner opened in Texas in 2020, when the former President was still in Office, prior to Democrat taking over.

Roland Beainy runs the restaurant – he’s a second-generation Lebanese-American who, as you can guess, loves Trump.

Located about an hour from Houston, the restaurant is literally a Trump shine, featuring everything from ‘Trump 2024’ flags on the walls to a merchandise stand that sells slogan tees.

As if that didn’t make it clear that this establishment is very much a monument dedicated to the 45th President of the United States, all the staff wear Trump shirts.

It’s basically a shrine (Picture: Trump Burger USA/Google)

Oh, and the actual burger buns are branded with his surname.

Speaking to the Houston Chronicle, owner Beainy said the location is a ‘wonderful spot’ for ‘Trump-supported stuff’, and it’s an area where he ‘feels at home’.

Singing Trump’s praises, he added: ‘Being an immigrant from a place where everything is bad and you work for almost $200 (£164), you see somebody like him to support the country and get the economy doing better. Me being an entrepreneur, I appreciate what he did’.

The burgers are, of course, branded with Trump’s name (Picture: Trump Burger USA)

The restaurant entrepreneur explained how he was born in Boston and moved to Lebanon when he was six-years-old to study.

He returned to American with his family in 2019, opening Trump Burger the following year.

Naturally, the reaction to the restaurant online has been… interesting.

Not everyone is as on board with the concept as Beainy, with social media users branding it ‘terrible’.

The owner is counting on a visit from the former President himself (Picture: Donald Trump)

‘I’ve never seen any other Republican President treated in this way’, one person tweeted.

Beainy has admitted they did receive ‘a lot of bad calls’ after first opening their doors, with complainants wanting to ‘burn the place down’.

He said: ‘It was scary at first, but we don’t have those calls anymore. We have a great following, and not all of them are Trump supporters. They come for the food and the service.’

The manager is also hoping the former US leader himself will pay a visit as, despite not being connected to the Trump Organisation, a portion of proceeds from the restaurant go to his fundraising campaign.


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