Woody Harrelson pens poem for baby who looks exactly like him: ‘You have a wonderful smile’

Woody Harrelson has responded to a baby in Northern Ireland who has an uncanny resemblance to him (Picture: Getty Images/Twitter/Instagram)

In one of the weirdest yet most heartwarming stories of the week, Hollywood actor has written a poem for a nine-month-old baby who looks the spitting image of him.

There are plenty of people with , but usually you’d be around the same age before people start pointing out resemblances.

This is not the case for nine-month-old baby Cora, whose photograph has been shared tens of thousands of times this week after her mum made the – genuinely astute – comparison.

Danielle, from Northern Ireland, took to Twitter earlier this week where she shared a side-by-side comparison of sweet baby Cora and Cheers actor Woody.

And, in a lighthearted caption, wrote: ‘Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody [Harrelson].’

The internet – understandably – absolutely raved about the unlikely lookalikes, and it went so viral that it eventually reached Woody himself.

And the actor, who is clearly one of the sweetest people in the world, responded by writing a poem for the occasion.

Sharing Danielle’s tweet to his Instagram account, Woody began by writing: ‘Ode to Cora.’

‘You’re an adorable child/ Flattered to be compared.

‘You have a wonderful smile/ I just wish I had your hair.’

And in yet another cute twist, the Venom actor made sure Danielle saw the post, tagging her in the quatrain poem.

To which she responded: ‘You’ve made our day ❤️ can’t wait to show her this when she’s older, you have another fan for life.’

Danielle later took to Twitter where she wrote: ‘It’s not every day Woody [Harrelson] writes your daughter a poem!’

Danielle’s original comparison tweet went mega-viral, with baby Cora appearing on meme pages around the world – and Woody’s Instagram (Picture: Twitter/DanielleKGrier)

The incredibly wholesome interaction has resonated with hundreds of thousands of people, including celebrities, who flocked to Woody’s post to share their love for the piece.

Alex Rider star Alex Pettyfer shared a series of laughing emojis, while one person said Cora was a ‘lucky girl!’

‘Wholesome Harrelson,’ one person wrote, while another joked: ‘If I were the dad I would be asking questions!’

Mum Danielle said Woody had ‘a new fan for life’ for his sweet gesture (Picture: Getty Images)

Danielle later spoke to US outlet where she said she never noticed Cora’s resemblance to the actor until her friend pointed it out – ‘Then once we took that photo of her laughing it was undeniable.’

She said she and her partner were ‘so touched’ by Woody’s response, saying if you’re going to have a celebrity doppelganger Woody was ‘a great lookalike to have.’

As for the massive worldwide fame baby Cora already has, Danielle admitted she was ‘blown away’ by how many people have seen the comparison.

She said: ‘We thought it would maybe get a couple of likes from our friends and family but we’ve been blown away by how far it’s reached.’


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