Man infected with monkeypox and Covid at the same time

A California man contracted Covid and Monkeypox at the same time (Pictures: NBC / Reuters / Getty)

A California man says he has contracted both Covid and monkeypox at the same time.

Soon after Mitcho Thompson tested positive for Covid-19 last month, he noticed red lesions on his back, legs, arms and neck.

Thompson said his Covid diagnosis came first, in a ‘really weird’ turn of events, he soon after realized he had monkeypox after his skin began breaking out.

‘The doctor was very certain that I have monkeypox and that I had both,’ Thompson told ‘That was the question. Could I get the at the same time? And he said, “Yes, yes, yes.”‘

Suffering from the two viruses kept Thompson out of commission for weeks. He said the illnesses together made him feel as though he’d come down with a serious case of the flu.

Thompson described the severe symptoms he faced, including having trouble breathing, a fever, chills, body aches and skin lesions.

‘Really sick,’ he said of his time battling the separate viruses. ‘And the worst of it was honestly where I just could barely get out of bed and you could barely even get a drink of water.’

Dr Dean Winslow, a professor of medicine and infectious disease specialist at Stanford, told NBC that while having both ailments at once was unlikely, it wasn’t out of the question.

‘It’s certainly not impossible for that to occur,’ he said. ‘It’s just incredibly bad luck. They are very different viruses.’

Covid is much more transmissible than monkeypox, Winslow said, which is known as an orthopoxvirus.

‘One of the small good things about monkeypox is that it’s really only transmitted almost exclusively by very close contact. Not necessarily sexual contact, but very close contact,’ he added.

Over 14,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported worldwide, the World Health Organization said earlier this week. The majority of cases have been found in Europe, although all five deaths reported from the virus were in Africa.

On Thursday, the agency convened for the second time within weeks to consider declaring monkeypox a global crisis.

This week US health officials said over 100,000 monkeypox vaccine doses were being sent out in the coming weeks. The US has reported a little over 2,000 cases so far, though hundreds continue to be reported each day.


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