Mom of twin toddlers had to ‘play dead’ when ex broke into home and stabbed her eight times

A Texas mom was left paralyzed after her ex-boyfriend brutally attacked her with a kitchen knife (Pictures: Kennedy News)

A Texas mom says she had to ‘play dead’ to save her children after her ex-boyfriend brutally stabbed her eight times with a kitchen knife, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down.

Brittany Morris, a 31-year-old mother, was in an ‘on and off’ relationship for three years with the father of her twin toddlers, Rondell Raman Malveaux.

After breaking things off in August of 2019, Morris says Malveaux showed up at her home in the middle of the night and stabbed her eight times with a kitchen knife, the reported.

As she was being stabbed, Morris said she pretended to be dead so her ex would leave without harming their twin sons. The young mother suffered near-fatal wounds to her neck, back, hip and face.

She was stabbed four times in the neck as well as in her back, hip, side and face. She was left completely paralyzed from the chest down.

Following the attack, Malveaux ran off, stealing all the phones from the home to prevent Morris from calling the police. He later returned to demand her car keys from her sister to allow a quicker escape, according to Morris, who said she ‘played dead’ the entire time.

‘I saw his shadow trying to get in my bedroom window with the knife,’ she told Daily Mail. ‘He kicked the front door wide open. I walked him outside and sat in the chair on the porch and he just yelled at me.’

‘He was like “So you’re done with me, this is it?” and I said “Yes” and then he just started stabbing away right into my neck to the spine and so I was paralyzed instantly,’ she said.

After he left, Morris’ sister knocked on neighbor’s doors until someone was able to call an ambulance.

The attack took place after he reportedly told Morris that he ‘didn’t want her to be with anyone else.’

Malveaux was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison at Jefferson County Court, Beaumont in March 2020.

Morris said he will have the possibility of parole in ten years, leaving her concerned for her safety and that of her children. In the meantime, she’s working on providing for her children.

The mom is working toward passing her driving exam to operate an adapted vehicle, which has handles for the accelerator and brakes.

‘For years I’ve driven my wheelchair everywhere – to school, to get groceries, to take my children to the park,’ she said. ‘You can’t do much without transportation because you have to rely on people. I have to get back to driving.’

She added: ‘I’d be able to find work and do more therapy because I’d be able to transport myself. I also wouldn’t have to depend on people to drive my children to school or do things for me.’



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