Moment American Airlines passenger tasered after screaming he couldn’t board his ‘$2,000’ flight

A man went viral after throwing a fit when he was not allowed to board his flight out of Dallas
A man went viral after throwing a fit when he was not allowed to board his flight out of Dallas

An enraged American Airlines customer went viral this week after a police officer used a taser on him when began to aggressively yell at staff after they refused to let him board his flight out of Dallas.

On Tuesday, a man who told police his name was ‘Quidley,’ wasn’t allowed to board the plane taking off at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. A video of the man reacting to the news went viral on Twitter.

In the video, the irate man can be seen arguing with an American Airlines staff member, yelling loudly about the cost of his flight.

‘Two thousand dollars for a f* flight. Two thousand dollars to be sitting in that flight right now. I don’t give a f* about a single person in here, I gave your airline two thousand f**** dollars,’ the furious man yells at the staff member behind the front counter.

Sorry, this video isn't available any more.

The video then shows the ranting man being tackled and tased by police.

It appears the man was arrested, but it’s unclear whether he faces any charges.

‘I have two fucking bags that American Airlines says you can fucking have,’ the man said, hinting at what may have been the reason he was not allowed to fly.

American Airlines allows one carry-on bag and one personal item on domestic flights, but passengers are able to check their first extra bag for $30, according to the company’s website.

The enraged man continued to yell at staff and onlookers about the cost of the flight.

‘Hey, if I spent two thousand f** dollars for a flight round trip… why the f am I not on a flight back? Q-u-i-d-l-e-y. Put me on a f* flight. F the airport, f* you.’

He then got into a physical altercation with three police officers, who eventually tackle him. When he stands up a female officer tases him as onlookers laugh and record the incident on their cellphones.

Video of the messy ordeal has quickly circulated the Internet over the past 24 hours, especially over Twitter, where users shamed the man’s reaction.

‘Wow. Who pays $2,000 for a flight? Or, better question, where the hell was he going? Also, why didn’t he check his luggage in? Did he really not know the rules or did he just believe that he was exempt?’ one user wrote.

Another said: ‘I’m sure his cellmate tonight is going to be very interested to hear how much he paid for his plane ticket.’

Another comment that the police use of the taser was warranted given the length of the man’s rant.


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