‘US is helping Ukraine target and kill Russian generals’

The US has reportedly helped Ukraine kill Russian generals by providing intelligence (Pictures: AFP)

The US has reportedly provided intelligence that enabled to target and kill multiple Russian generals during the war.

Senior US officials declined to disclose exactly how many Russian generals have been Ki**ed with American targeting assistance, according to on Wednesday.

However, Ukrainian officials have said they have Ki**ed about 12 Russian generals on the field.

The intelligence is part of the Biden administration’s effort to give real-time battlefield information to Ukraine as continues its invasion. The US has shared the anticipated movements of troops from analyzing Russia’s secret war plan in the breakaway Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine, officials told the newspaper.

Ukrainians have combined US intelligence with their own in fighting back Russian forces (Picture: AP)

In addition, the US has been working to provide Ukraine with the location of Russia’s mobile military headquarters, which often moves.

Ukrainians have combined US intelligence with their own, which includes intercepted messages about senior Russian officers in the area. Doing so has allowed Ukrainians to kill Russian officers with artillery strikes.

News of US intelligence aiding Ukraine in killing Russian officials comes a week after NBC News reported that the US provided Ukrainians with intelligence used to with hundreds of troops. The US also gave intelligence on the location and timing of Russian missiles and bombs for Ukraine to move its aircrafts out of harm’s way.

The US has reportedly shared the anticipated movements of Russian troops with Ukraine (Picture: Getty Images)

The US has provided a steady flow of military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the war started more than two months ago. Russia has since pulled back from its attack on Kyiv and moved its assault to eastern Ukraine.

Biden administration officials have kept battlefield intelligence largely under wraps, as the US fears Russian President Vladimir Putin could view certain efforts as direct involvement and initiate a wider war.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that the US provides ‘Ukraine with information and intelligence that they can use to defend themselves’. But Kirby said ‘we will not speak to the details of that information’.


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